Maria  Hatzisteranis  founded the company rodial in 1999.

She identified a gap in the market for skin care products. Rodial is unique because it offers  an alternative to plastic surgery. Their products can be used on all skin types. Rodial products combine the best of anti ageing and firming ingredients. Products are dermatological tested, recommenced by both dermatologists and plastic surgeons in the uk.

Until recently rodial did not advertise any of its products. They relied on PR and word of mouth to genarate sales.

In 2010  both HARRODS  and  HARVEY NICHOLS  agreed to stock Rodial’s  products. It was a huge success. From that moment the company has gone from strength to strength. Rodial has become a successful and a sort after brand . What with it being a great product, gorgeous packaging ,celebs  lining up to endorse it.  On social networking sites such as ” twitter ” celebrities  speak highly of the brand and their  must haves  from the range are the Dragons blood sculpting gel and snake serum. It wasn’t before long every one was talking about Rodial .  I had to try for my self  i  wanted to know what the hype was all about .  Could this company really back up their claims ? are the products value for money ? do the products really work ? . With this i had to put them to the test. I have tried and tested many skin care products over the years and  found that  while some of them initially worked it was short lived. Because after a few weeks my skin would become use to the product it was a short term solution. Many of them claim what they simply can’t deliver.  I have been looking for something shall we say ” It does what it says on the tin” . Im glad to say that rodial have not disappointed me. I purchased the entire beauty range for the face and neck. I have been using the products  on a daily basis for a few months now.And in that time i have noticed a huge difference to my face.It feels much more tighter ,radiant,healthy looking and most of all i have younger looking skin. In my opinion  Rodial offer the ultimate in skincare they have a wide range of products something  for  every one. to any one thinking of trying the products for the very first time I Would recommend the glamtox cleanser ,glamtox day spf15 moisturizer ,dragons blood sculpting gel, glamoxy snake mask.  The products are concentrated therefore  you  only need to apply a small  amount to the target areas. Should last a single user 5 /6 months or more. I will be purchasing the body care range  soon and if they are any thing like the products that i have already bought.   I shouldnt be disappointed. .  As a huge fan of rodial  i am excited to see what products they launch next.